5 Top Tips to Start Posting on Social Media

Not sure what to post about on Facebook? Here's some tips to get started. 

Marketing on Social Media can seem easy - at first. But once you sit down, you quickly start asking yourself questions like:

  • Where do I start?
  • What should my Facebook posts say?
  • What should my Instagram graphics even look like?

Rather than give you a generic formula for "this text" + "this image" + "these hashtags", we would rather help you set a purpose for your posts. If you tackle them head on with a clear objective in mind, everything else should fall into place, pointing in the same direction:

#1. Establish your brand voice. 

As with all marketing, consistency is key. Take the time to think about how your posts should feel. Is your brand:

  • Cheeky & playful
  • Professional & reliable
  • Witty & clever
  • Brash & loud
  • Energetic & upbeat
  • Serious & hard hitting

Don’t get caught trying to be everything to everyone. A clear brand with a clear voice will ensure strong connections with your followers. This should guide both the way your posts are written as well as the kinds of images you use.

#2. Give your posts a job. 

Every time you create a post, think: what do I want this post to do? It can:

  • Inspire an action
  • Inspire a feeling
  • Ask a question to promote discussion
  • Educate
  • Promote a product or service
  • Encourage growth for the page

#3. Be consistent. 

Ideally you want to be adding content to your Page every day. That way, your followers will start to look at your Page as their go-to guide for what’s happening in your business.

But that doesn’t mean you have to physically do it everyday.

Using a print or digital calendar, plan 3-5 posts per week in advance. These can be product shots (i.e. product of the week) information (pro tips or did-you-know’s) or conversation starters. Create these in advance and schedule them in Facebook, especially for days that you know are going to be jam packed.

Keep your phone handy so you can quickly respond to feedback, and post something in the moment on your quieter days. (Customers love behind the scenes photos!)

#4. Be clever with promotions. 

Use built in features to really max-out your posts. Have your followers tag their friends in posts to win prizes - as long as they both like your page. Encourage clicks to your website with blog previews and video teasers. Create competition hashtags, so users post your hashtag on their profile (for all their family & friends to see).

You’re only limited by your imagination so long as you keep this in mind: how can I get the most out of this?

#5. Give, give, give - ask.

At least 75% of your posts should give something away - be that information, guidance, tools or insights. Once you’ve given away so much knowledge and goodwill, you will be better positioned to create a direct sales post.

For example, you might be launching a new product. Firstly, create some high value posts:

  • Post a free cheatsheet for how to get the most out of it
  • Create a video on how to use it
  • Go behind-the-scenes on how it was made
  • Create some quote graphics with interesting facts and figures

Once you have given away some incredible value, then ask for a purchase. In this way, you’re establishing a relationship with your followers before inviting them to become paying customers. 

Much more warm & fuzzy, much less greasy sales rep.

When it comes to building relationships on social media, it's not about a copy & paste formula, because your followers won't relate to a formula. They WILL however relate to YOU. 

So think about who you are, who they are, and how you can build & grow that relationship in the most well-intended, organic way. 

About the Author: Meredith Heeley is the Lead Designer, Web & Marketing Strategist for UpBound. Need a hand with your website & marketing strategy? Get in touch & let's get started.



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