How do I work out where to start with my marketing?

A great way to get started on finding the right direction with your small business marketing is to really get to know your ideal client. Your ideal client represents an example of your target audience - lifestyle factors, family situation, work, employment, hopes, dreams, plans, etc.

It might seem a little warm & fuzzy on face value, but it actually gives you key insights into how you might seek them out on their terms. It also ensures your marketing approaches with an awareness of their needs and offers them a solution to their problems (rather than hunting them down and demanding they buy stuff now!)

This technique gives your marketing integrity and empathy, which the greater consumer audience really responds to - it's authentic, informed and well-intended. 

To get started on understanding your Ideal Client, check out this article: UpBound Blog - The One Idea That Revolutionised Our Websites & Marketing.